Xochitl Bielma-Bolton


20+ years of experience in the hospitality industry. Growing up in Southern California between the Imperial Valley and San Diego has given her a unique perspective on agriculture, farming, and how natural growth fits into a balanced life. She first developed a love for food by hanging on her grandmother’s apron while the matriarch prepared food for Bielma’s large family.

She trained under legendary chefs throughout Southern California, and after mastering the operation of the high-end restaurant kitchen, Bielma began managing business operations as the executive chef and food and beverage director for Loews Resorts, Marriott, and Eataly.

Under her direction, she has redesigned and developed kitchen operations and an innovative re-branding structure for takeover acquisitions. 

Jay Murray

Executive Chef

We welcome Jay Murray as our new Executive Chef.  Bio coming soon!


Giselle Miller

Executive Pastry Chef

Giselle Miller, a former 30 under 30 recipient, is a Bridgeport, Connecticut native and has built an impressive pastry career in New England over the past decade.

She began at Le Cordon Bleu and worked her way through now-shuttered restaurants Sel De La Terre and Radius. After 2 1/2 years at Liquid Art House, Giselle spent several months orchestrating the creation of desserts at Cambridge’s Café ArtScience. In 2019, while at Menton in Boston, she became a semifinalist of the James Beard Award Rising Star Chef of the Year.

Giselle joined the Bird & Wolf team in 2020 as Executive Pastry Chef. “Even traditional French desserts, with ingredients like chestnut or vanilla, you can still make them cool without sounding or looking boring,” she says. “I feel like that’s something that I enjoy. I’m a little bit of a weirdo.”


Giselle shares her love for science and food through her unique molecular gastronomy approach to classic desserts. Seasonal and local ingredients always inspire her masterpieces.


Stephen Bowman

Sommelier / Manager

Born and raised in Brookline, one of Stephen Bowman’s favorite childhood memories is of dining with his family at age five and looking at the servers around him, telling his father, “I want to do that.”


After briefly studying philosophy at Dickinson College, Steve left to pursue his dream of being a chef. Instead, while working at a restaurant before applying to culinary school, he fell in love with what he learned in the front of the house and became determined to pursue a career in service and wine.


Returning home, he spent several years as a wine buyer for century-old V. Cirace & Son, a fine wine retailer in the North End, where he learned about the business and craft of wine. Missing the excitement of restaurant service, Stephen joined the opening team at bustling gastro-pub Russell House Tavern in Cambridge’s Harvard Square, indulging in his burgeoning passion for well-made cocktails.  Eager to work at the top levels of hospitality in the city, Stephen then landed a position at Barbara Lynch’s Menton, where he spent his final year as Captain leading the service team. While working under James Beard award-winning Wine Director Cat Silirie, Stephen became a Certified Sommelier with the Court of Master Sommeliers and Certified Specialist of Wine by the Society of Wine Educators. He earned his advanced certificate from the Wine & Spirit Education Trust.


In 2013 Stephen launched the next step of his career, opening Fairsted Kitchen and later Grassona’s Italian in Brookline’s Washington Square as owner, operator, and sommelier.  After seven years of incredible memories, rave reviews, great guests, Stephen was fortunate to realize the sale of his business in early 2020. So, after taking much of 2020 to relax, refresh, and await the re-emergence of the hospitality industry, Steve joined the team at Bird & Wolf in June of 2021.


At Bird & Wolf, Stephen is thrilled to share his deep love of wine and hospitality with the Merrimack Valley and lend his more than fifteen years of experience towards helping Xochitl and the culinary team realize their vision of an authentic biophilic restaurant.  He looks forward to raising a glass with you soon. 

Sam Rivlin

Bar Manager

Although he would describe himself as "Just a Huge Nerd," Sam Rivlin is more than that. Hailing from the Hudson Valley, New York, Sam fell in love with the craft of cocktails purely by chance. At a small craft bar in Northampton, MA, the first sip of a gin flip changed everything. "I had one taste, and my immediate reaction was 'I have to know how to do this.'"

He is a proudly self-taught craft bartender who strives to make the industry he loves more exciting, inclusive, and sustainable with every drink. Growing up barefoot in the woods of Yorktown or on his family friend's farm in Oxford, Maine, he learned the importance of eating and drinking with the seasons.

As a bartender, Sam focuses on using unexpected fresh and local ingredients to elevate the classics and create new and exciting concepts. His relationship with food has driven him to blur the lines between kitchen and bar, leading to some genuinely wild flavors and presentations.

After several years of educating himself on the history, styles, and science of mixology- he started to see the holes in the craft. Like any art, bartending has its share of issues. Sam dedicates himself to a DIY style of bartending, lessening the waste created by bars, showing respect for every ingredient while getting the most out of them, and in the process, discovering unique new flavors and ideas. Finally, after nearly a decade in the restaurant industry, he has found a bar happy to provide him with a platform to share what he loves.